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Hello, I'm Ray Czylzyck.

I'm Gary Czylzyck's little brother and his parasitic twin. We enjoyed our run on the 2020 campaign trail as I challenged Donald Trump for the Republican Presidential nomination in the Iowa Caucus. Thanks to Gary for keeping a campaign diary that sure does make a swell novella called My Parasitic Twin Wants to be President. It is accessible now by clicking this link to Amazon. Or, just search Amazon books for "Parasitic Twin." You'll see me on the cover. I'm proud of my big brother and the book he wrote on my behalf. Thanks also to Jim Flanigan for editing and John Buss for the excellent illustration. Looks just like us!

Hey, I'm Gary Czylzyck.

I'm Ray Czylzyck's big brother, and I wrote a book and he didn't. Sure, he ran for President and all that, but I wrote a gosh darn book. Ray's read a lot more books than me, but never done wrote one.  I hope you buy it. The editor, some big city fella from Chicago, swears he will donate all proceeds to good candidates and causes. I'm not sure I trust him being from Chicago, but Ray does, and that's gonna have to be good enough for me. Buy the book! Don't make me get out my squirrel hunting rifle to convince you.

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PO Box 2, Okawana, Iowa 50572

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